This book, from the Christian perspective, attempts to point out the inequalities that Christians have put on themselves, especially with respect to that of men and women. Jesus treated women equal to men. We should. This book gives foundation, understanding and, application for us from bible, even in this twenty-first century.

Glenn Vellekamp

I went to Catholic seminary for theology class. I became a Christ follower in 1973 and began studying and researching the Bible. I then became a pastor in a strict Christian community for fourteen years, I studied Judaism and traveled to Israel five times. I lived in Ireland and Scotland. Currently, I serve as a pastor and counselor for the past sixteen years. I live in Gainseville, Florida with my wife of thirty-five years. We have six children and fourteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Together, we enjoy ministry and own a successful business. Gainesville is college town, and we minister to many grad students about marriage and understanding the Bible.

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